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It never fails…

You try to explain how your feeling to someone…to show them why something doesn’t feel right for you and they BLOCK your number?

I’m not some crazy stalker weirdo insane chick. I’m just someone who’s had a broken heart and isn’t going to let herself put up with all those seemingly little things that eventually build up to a huge blowup of emotions.

Say you’ll call and don’t? Repeatedly? Once or twice I can see…but over and over? No.

You can think about me all day long, but if I go literally a month without a meaningful conversation with you, I’m going to start to feel like I’m not important and that’s going to put me on guard and make it that much harder for me to get close to you.

I did this waiting game with Charlie and I’m NOT going to do it again.

I’d much rather someone just tell me they don’t have time to call me as often as I wish they would or tell me they just don’t have time to BE in the relationship they have asked me for.

If you’re not ready to be what you need to be in a partnership, then it’s not fair to me for you to keep me on your hook while you try to get to a place where you can.


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